“The vas is a slender tube that takes the sperm from the testicle up towards the bladder and onto a storage bag near the prostate gland in readiness for use when required. There are two such tubes, one from each testicle.

As the vas travels up in the scrotum it is quite near the skin and can often be felt between finger and thumb. It is in this area that the vas is accessed, cut & tied in male sterilisation. The scrAdd Newotal skin in this area is infiltrated with local anaesthetic before making a small cut to reach it. In addition to the local anaesthetic you can choose to have an injection to sedate you. This usually results in relaxation and sleep, lasting 2-3 hours with little or no recollection of the operation after recovery. Instead of sedation you can choose to have a general anaesthetic. The recovery time is a little longer, 3-4 hours. If you choose local anaesthetic you can leave the surgery as soon as the operation is complete. If you have had sedation or general anaesthetic you need to sleep for 2-4 hours after the operation before leaving. Someone should accompany you home and you should rest physically for the remainder of the day.

There will be no stitches to remove later and the full procedure of semen collection for sperm counting will be explained to you.

This operation does not in any way effect potency (penile erection) or interfere with sexual performance.”

(as provided by) Harvey Min asian MS(London) FRCS consultant surgeon Surrey Day Surgery offers vasectomies at an affordable price with little or no waiting time.

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